Gabrielle Union boyfriend

It has been known that the current Gabrielle Union boyfriend is Dwyane Wade. Recently there have been some rumors that Dwyane Wade has been cheating on Gabrielle Union with another woman. However, Gabrielle Union stated that her boyfriend is not a cheater and she recently has spoken against a woman who was the one who spread the rumors that Gabrielle Union boyfriend has not been loyal to her.

And the current Gabrielle Union boyfriend is – Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade is known to the public as a professional basketball player who plays for Miami Heats basketball team. Gabrielle Union posted a comment on her Twitter website that she does not believe the rumors about her boyfriend cheating on her. In one of the social media websites, one woman claimed that she has been in the house of Gabrielle Union boyfriend.

However, Gabrielle Union herself contacted the woman via Twitter and denied the fact that the woman has been visiting Dwyane Wade in his house. The woman who spread the rumors stated on her Twitter account that she was very lucky that she had to see Dwyane Wade’s house. In addition, she claimed that most of all she liked his kitchen and was thankful for the chef named Rich who made breakfast for her and Dwyane Wade.

The woman addressed Gabrielle Union not in a very nice manner saying that Gabrielle Union is too old to make Valentine’s Day albums and told her to leave this hobby to the girls with whom Dwyane Wade cheat on her and who are much younger than her. Gabrielle Union responded to the woman’s lies saying that she is a loon and has to take medicaments because it is obvious that she forgets to do it. In addition, Gabrielle Union stated her opinion on how to deal with people who want to make your life miserable. She stated that the best way to do it is to live your life happily and do not pay attention to what loons are saying.
However, it has not been officially confirmed by Gabrielle Union boyfriend if he had spent his time together with the woman or not.

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