Jennifer Lopez boyfriend

And the current Jennifer Lopez boyfriend is – Casper Smart

Today Jennifer Lopez boyfriend is said to be Casper Smart who is not only a famous choreographer but also a very notorious person. It has been rumored that Casper Smart is a regular guest at gay shows. In the summer of 2012, right before the birthday of Jennifer Lopez, her boyfriend was spotted going into a peepshow of guys, which probably came as a huge surprise and not a pleasant birthday gift to Jennifer Lopez.
One of sources told that Jennifer Lopez boyfriend used to be quite a regular guest in the gay club. Casper Smart who is 25 years old told that he was there going to get a birthday present for Jennifer Lopez, however nobody saw him going out with any presents in his hands. Moreover, he was not even spotted in any sex shops. He was seen only entering peepshow.
Many sources agreed that Casper Smart was actually seen in the place and he was quite a regular guest there. However, this is not the first time when Jennifer Lopez boyfriend got involved into gay rumors.
One of his friends Joshua Lee Ayers posted pictures of Casper Smart on Twitter in which Casper Smart posed provocatively with some other half naked guy. Moreover, Joshua Lee Ayers commented below the picture that the audience should check his ‘low key homo ways’.
Nevertheless, Jennifer Lopez denies all rumors that Casper Smart is gay and says that all these talks come only out of jealousy and envy. However, the ex-husband of Jennifer Lopez Marc Anthony was not satisfied when he saw the pictures of Casper Smart in the gay club.
Moreover, there were rumors saying that Marc Anthony does not like Casper Smart at all and he does not want him to be around his children. In fact, after seeing those photos, Marc Anthony told Jennifer Lopez to dump him or otherwise he said he was going to take kids all to himself simply because he did not want his children to be around the man and to be exposed to such his behavior. Nevertheless, Casper Smart is still Jennifer Lopez boyfriend.

jennifer lopez boyfriend

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