Bridget Moynahan boyfriend

It has been known that Bridget Moynahan boyfriend is McG since 2010. Bridget Moynahan is known to be a star from “The Blue Bloods”. McG who is known as a director was officially reported to be her boyfriend. McG whose real name is Joseph McGinty is working in Los Angeles, however Bridget Moynahan is staying in New York where she is filming for “The Blue Bloods”. Sources close to a couple claimed that although it is difficult to have a relationship through a distance, they are flying to each other in order to spend time together and it seems that it is working quite well.

And the current Bridget Moynahan boyfriend is – Joseph McGinty

Talking more about Bridget Moynahan boyfriend McG, he is known as a film producer and director and a television producer and director. In addition, he used to be a record producer as well. His first job in the entertainment industry was producing music artists and directing their music videos. Later, he became known as a producer of the hit movie called “Charlie’s Angels”.
Since his debut in the film industry, McG went on to direct and produce other movies which also gained success. These movies include “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle”, “Terminator Salvation” and many others. In addition, Bridget Moynahan boyfriend McG has produced a lot of TV series and TV productions such as “Supernatural”, “Chuck”, “Fastlane” and others.
In 2001 McG established his own production company which is entitled “Wonderland Sound and Vision”. Under his own production company McG worked on a lot of TV series and productions after the release of “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle”.
One of the most interesting facts about the producer is that he suffers from aerophobia. Because of it he refused to go on a plane which was set to fly to Australia where his movie called “Superman: Flyby” was supposed to be shooted. Consequently, McG was fired from the making of the movie. Also, he met Bridget Moynahan in a plane for the first time. In 2007 McG’s brother died because he overdose cocaine. This miserable memory kept McG thinking about the life and made him consider the fact that life cannot be taken for granted.

bridget moynahan boyfriend bridget moynahan boyfriend

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