Kate Winslet boyfriend

It has been known for a long time that Kate Winslet is in a relationship with Ned Rocknroll. Moreover, today Ned Rocknroll is known not only as a Kate Winslet boyfriend but also her husband whom she married in the ending of the year 2012.

And the current Kate Winslet boyfriend is – Ned Rocknroll

Recently the couple has been spotted together out and about wearing similar clothing. Therefore, it has been said that once you get married, you become so similar to your other half that you even start wearing the same clothes, which happened to Kate Winslet and Kate Winslet boyfriend and now husband Ned Rocknroll as well.
Kate Winslet and her husband were seen together going shopping wearing matching outfits in New Zealand. They wore matching grey jackets in the airport gift shop while waiting for their flight. In addition to wearing matching jackets, they also were dressed in similar blue jeans. Holding hands, Kate Winslet was also wearing sun shades and wore brown boots and did not look any different than a regular traveler.

Moreover, it has been observed that the couple spent a huge amount of time in one of the shops which sells surfing clothes and equipment, however they did not buy anything from there. It was speculated that the couple was waiting for their flight to come back to Los Angeles, where they had to appear in the Academy Awards ceremony. However, Kate Winslet was not nominated to get any of the awards but still was invited to attend one of the most prestigious movie award ceremonies.

Ned Rocknroll who today is not only Kate Winslet boyfriend but also her husband married the actress in the end of 2012. They spent their honey moon on one of the most exclusive islands in Caribbean. The island belongs to the uncle of Ned Rocknroll. Also, Kate Winslet appeared in one of the movies produced by Ned Rocknroll’s uncle’s production company called “Virgin Produced”.

In addition to this marriage, Kate Winslet has two kids from her previous marriage and it has been stated that Ned Rocknroll gets along with her children very well.

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