Maria Menounos boyfriend

And the current Maria Menounos boyfriend is – Keven Undergaro

Today Maria Menounos boyfriend is known to be Keven Undergaro, however in past Maria Menounos was famous for having quite a lot of relationships which lasted for approximately a year. Men such as John Legend, Vin Diesel and Gerald Butler have been in a relationship with Maria Menounos, who is known to the public as a correspondent for the Access Hollywood and the Today Show. However, the TV personality has never been married with any of her dates.
Born in 1978, Maria Menounos broke up with John Legend, Vin Diesel and Gerard Butler, however after some time past after the separation with the latter one, hooking up started to be quite prominent again. Today, Maria Menounos boyfriend is Keven Undergaro and the entertainer seems to be really happy with him.
However, there have been rumors lately that Keven Undergaro is becoming more and more jealous. One of the reasons why he is becoming so is that Maria Menounos appears on the TV show called “Dancing with the Stars” and her dance partner appears to be a very handsome man Derek Hough. The dances sometimes appear to be too passionate and that makes Keven Undergaro worry a lot. The dancing couple seems to be performing quite well, getting mostly 10s for their performances. Thus, there were rumors sparked that such great dancing might come not only due to hard training but because there might be something more than meets the eye.
Also, there were two times during the show when the couple has been seen kissing. Moreover, some sources have been telling that Maria Menounos has been attending sporting games with Derek Hough and also they had some lunches together in public places. Thus, there are a lot of reasons why Maria Menounos boyfriend Derek Hough should get worried and jealous.
However, the kissing during the TV show might be looked at as a simple gesture for getting higher ratings to the show, whereas having lunch together and going to sports events together might imply something more serious. However, some people still think that Keven Undergaro should be calm and confident taking into consideration his good looks and charms whereas Derek Hough to a lot of people looks like just a boy.

maria menounos boyfriend maria menounos boyfriend

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