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Recently Emily Deschanel who is known as a star from the TV show “Bones” was spotted with her son and boyfriend David Hornsby going to have a lunch. In addition, David Hornsby is known not only as Emily Deschanel boyfriend but also her husband. The family was eating at Crossroads vegan restaurant in Hollywood.

And the current Emily Deschanel boyfriend is – David Hornsby

After a healthy lunch, Emily Deschanel was seen taking her son Henry who is almost two years old in her arms and speeding down the road which seemed as if she completely forgot about her husband David Hornsby who was following and running to catch Emily Deschanel’s speed. Emily Deschanel was wearing black top, checked jacket and blue jeans and wore black sandals. Her baby Harry was dressed in a grey and green sweater, blue jeans and red crocs which accented his look. On the other hand, Emily Deschanel boyfriend and husband David Hornsby was dressed in a grey t-shirt with buttons, black jacket, blue jeans and grey vans.
It was no surprise that Emily Deschanel chose vegan restaurant for her lunch hour because it is known that the actress is a supporter of vegan people and animal rights. Moreover, she is not the only one star who enjoys going to eat to this restaurant. Other stars who also like to grab a snack there are Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey.
In addition, after eating at the restaurant, she posted a comment on her page that she enjoyed her lunch a lot and mentioned the restaurant’s name and its founder Tal Ronnen in the commentary, as well.
When she married Emily Deschanel boyfriend David Hornsby, the food during their wedding ceremony was all vegan. Thus, it is also not surprising that they are raising Harry to be vegan, too. Emily Deschanel agreed that she is raising Harry to choose vegan food rather than meet and is giving him reasons why he should choose this decision.
Furthermore, she also admitted that her husband is not a complete vegan. Also, when talking about her child, Emily Deschanel admitted that she is with Harry every single day and takes him together with her everywhere she goes. Thus, going back to her professional career and being a director on the TV show “Bones” in not a priority for the star at the moment.

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