Evan Rachel Wood boyfriend

Evan Rachel Wood is known not only because of her professional career as an actress and a singer but also because of her relationships with famous men.

And the current Evan Rachel boyfriend is – Jamie Bell

One of Evan Rachel Wood boyfriends was known to be Jamie Bell who is known as an actor from the United Kingdom. With him Evan Rachel Wood started dating in 2005. In addition, Evan Rachel Wood was chosen to appear in the video clip of the band “Green Day” for their song “When September Ends” where she appeared together with Evan Rachel Wood boyfriend Jamie Bell.
In addition, their relationship was so strong that both of them decided to tattoo each other’s initial names’ letters. Therefore, Evan Rachel Woods got a tattoo of a letter ‘J’ on her left ankle. However, in 2006 they decided to break up after being one year together. When asked about the tattoo after she broke up with Jamie Bell, Evan Rachel Woods stated that the purpose of it was that both of them believed that they would be in love forever. Although it did not happen, Evan Rachel Wood stated that she does not regret that she got his initial name tattooed on her body because it reminds her one of the best periods in her life.
One year after they split up, Evan Rachel Wood boyfriend became known to be Marilyn Manson. Evan Rachel Wood met Marilyn Manson in one party which was organized in the Chateau Marmont Hotel.
When they started dating, Evan Rachel Wood admitted that one of the things which she liked about Marilyn Manson was that he used black eye liner on his eyes. In addition, Evan Rachel Wood also stated that she was very happy when she was dating him and their relationship was strong, loving and healthy.
In addition, Marilyn Manson painted Evan Rachel Wood quite a few times and these pictures were shown in the exhibition at the Celebritarian Corporation Gallery of Fine Art. Evan Rachel Woods also inspired Marilyn Manson to write a song called “Heart-Shaped Glasses”. Furthermore, Evan Rachel Wood also was chosen to appear in the video clip of this song.

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